Precious Pointers!

While are official blog is being updated, we are sharing Precious Pointers for parents for caregivers. Here you will find helpful information about Precious Moments Learning Center, our activities and advice on raising healthy and happy kids. If you see something you like, please share it with others!

Three Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

Spring is here and now is a good time to get out and experience what the city has to offer.

From fun runs to zoo nights, there is no shortage of outdoor activities for even the pickiest child. Here are a few things to do instead of tv or being online.

1. Volunteer. Does your child like animals? Now is a good time to volunteer at a animal shelter to help with daily task such as feeding animals, helping bathe them or petting them. It is a fun task that a child can enjoy because they learn how to care for an animal.

2. Go to the park. Houston is home to numerous kid and adult friendly parks where you can walk, be apart of a dance class or watch moves on the big screen. Check the parks website and enjoy the fun.

3. Plant a tree or garden. Want something fresh to eat? Pick it from your own backyard. From apples, oranges, potatoes and colorful flowers – now is the time to enhance your home or kitchen with healthy snacks and meals kids can enjoy. It teaches them how to measure, how to work as a team and gives them a sense of pride.


What ways are you embracing Spring?


The Month of Love

February is known for two things: Black History Month and Valentines Day.  Both are worth sharing and there are plenty of ways to show love to those in your life, while honoring history!

  1. Learn about new black history makers. Celebrate the achievers that are making the world  better place for all. Is there a teacher, community leader, business owner or mentor that you can interview? Chances are, they would love to talk about the work they are doing.
  2. Donate time. Everyone can give 5 minutes to help others. Maybe you can help clean a house, write a letter to an elderly neighbor or feed the hungry with your family.
  3. Family Night. Host a real family night. Put phones away and talk about your day or upcoming activities. You will be surprised at how much everyone has to say.


Share the love and honor those in your life this month and every month.


Do Kids Belong on Social Media?

Remember when you would call friends on the phone or ride a bike to see them? Those days still exist, but in a new way.

We have traded in bikes for phones. Real life friends for aviators and allow our lives to be streamed 24/7.

But how young is too young for social media? After all, parents, teachers, friends and everyone seems to be snapping, tweeting, linking and sharing.  The following article explores social media use and screen time for kids. kids and tech

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

As adults, we tend to look forward to sleeping in. We look forward to resting and being able to reset. Most children and teens don’t think about the amount of sleep they need and as the caregiver it is good to know how much sleep is enough. When a child is well rested they are more alert, less cranky and can focus. So how much sleep does a child need?

Here is a generalized guideline to how much sleep your child needs based on their age:

  • 1 to 4 weeks old– Newborns sleep approximately 16-17 hours a day with periods of wakefulness lasting 1-3 hours. However, most newborns have not developed a night/day sleep cycle, so their periods of sleep and wakefulness can vary to all hours of the day. Most parents will have to adjust their own sleep schedules to accommodate newborns.
  • baby_sleeping1 to 4 months old– Babies of this age still tend to sleep about the same amount of hours, but their night/day sleep cycles begin to kick in, allowing them to sleep longer at night, although they still wake for feedings and changes.
  • 4 months to 1 year- Babies of this age still require between 14-15 hours of sleep everyday. However, many of them are able to sleep through most of the night, and take up to 3 naps during the day and evening. During this period it is important to really begin to establish healthy sleep habits for your child.
  • 1 to 3 years- Most toddlers need about 12-14 hours of sleep, but often get less due to the schedules of parents and older children in the house. They will more than likely lose their early morning nap and early evening nap and tend to only take one nap a day.
  • 3 to 6 years- Approximately 11-12 hours of sleep. Younger children of this group may still require a short nap during the day, but the need to nap usually diminishes by the time they enter the first grade.
  • 7 to 12 years- Children of these age groups tend to need about 10-12 hours of nightly sleep but often only get about 9-10 hours.
  • 13 to 18 years- Teens of this age require about 8-10 hours of sleep, but rarely get the full amount they need. The demands of schoolwork, after school programs and activities often cut into their nightly sleep. Most teens reports getting about 6-8 hours of sleep.

This article was first published on sleep Alaska.

Cold Day Activities


Houston, we have a Winter.  Our city has experienced a few cold days and another one is here. Schools are canceled. Jury Duty is suspended and you and the kids are home. In case you are suffering from Paw Patrol or Teen Titans overload, we have created a list of things to do on a rainy and cold day.

  • Hide and Seek – this is a creative way to get kids moving. It also teaches them how to determine where to hide.
  • Paint – have water colors around the house? Grab them and get to painting. Ask kids to paint what they do at school or even have a contest to see who can create the best picture.
  • Bake – just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean you have to turn in your apron. Create your own twist on recipes you have used before. Not a baker? Purchase bake and break cookies and enjoy time in the kitchen together.
  • Puzzles – this is a great way to keep kids quiet and entertained.

How are you spending the cold day in?


New Year. Same Awesomeness.

At PMLC we value our students, staff, volunteers and friends. Last year we had an education packed Summer Travel Session, we volunteered and learned about healthy eating. We had fun cheering on the Houston Cougars during homecoming and enjoyed a backstage peek at a newsroom.

In 2018, it is our desire to provide our students with a safe, fun and meaningful educational experience. Visit our resource library, aimed at helping create stronger communities.

Cheers to a marvelous 2018!

Merry Christmas

The Joy of the Season is here! Time for smiles, family, reflection and love.

There are plenty of activities to be apart of during this time of year. The key is to go before the crowd, pack snacks and drink water.

For a list of things to do before, during and after Christmas click here

Thankful Hearts


There are multiple ways to express thankfulness to those around you. We pulled together a few ways you or the kids in your life can say thank you to those you love.

  1. Write a letter. Yes, we are use to scrolling, liking and text messages, but old fashion letters or cards still work.
  2. Make breakfast. Nothing says thank you like a meal. Gather the family and cook or serve a meal together.
  3. Play. Grab your bike or kite and head to the park. A quick race or ride around the park can do a heart good.

How do you show the people around you that you love them?